Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Statue of Liberty

Photo by Shirley A. Blair Keller ©2009
From the Circle Line Tour Boat

Photo by Shirley A. Blair Keller ©2009
A breathtaking sight, a first for me: Ms. Statue of Liberty.
I do not know if my grandparents were greeted by her when they came from Russia before the turn of the century. Some went to Canada so may have skipped this step. But I felt as if I'd been here before. Maybe its all the movies I have watched, books I have read, about the immigrant story. Such bravery to cross an ocean in the way they had to, steerage, to suffer all they did for hope of a better life for their children. From every corner of our globe people have come. Such bravery. I cannot imagine being able to do the same. I was born here have had the kind of life those ancestor's had hoped for their children. And I thank them in my heart daily.

Setting up the bulletin board in my studio to celebrate Independence weekend, starting with 1st Saturday Three Rivers, has kicked off all this above the line thinking. Fun! Nadi is the one who inspired me to change the environment of the studio each month for no other reason than to evoke a change of view. She is so right!

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