Sunday, September 27, 2009

Concert on the Grass

The afternoon at the Haxton's home was hot, fun, entertaining, and carried on the tradition of the Concert on the Grass in great form.

Music by way of instruments and voices, poetry, dance and art shared by all. Colorful costumes from Scotland to Mexico to South America filled the stage.

I stopped counting at 175 people, who braved 101 degree heat, covering the grassy knoll of the Haxton's yard, picnic baskets, bottles of wine, snacks of every kind, blankets and picnic chairs spread out, young children swaying and dancing to the music.

One the amazing details is the parking arrangement with the Walker's, neighbors. You park on their property and then a shuttle van drives you to the Concert site. It is one of the small details that makes this event so successful, every detail worked out to look so simple, and yet, we all know isn't.

Thanks to Sara Shena, Ken Elias, Ann Haxton and Bill Haxton, along with the entertainers and artists from the Arts Alliance of Three Rivers, and all who come to enjoy the afternoon, we have celebrated the 29th Annual Concert on the Grass in fine style.