Thursday, May 24, 2012


Monday I went to Sherley Tucker's clay workshop for the first time since total knee replacement surgery. I found the masks I had worked on before surgery had been bisque'd, glazed and final fired, and waiting for me to pack up and bring home. A new ceramic artist, Louise, had generously glazed my pieces, even though we'd never met. She did a great job! When she was working on the masks that I had made braids on, she said they were too much work, and I should stop making braids! HA! In spite of the work, she did them all, individually and perfectly. I am in her debt.

Knees slow me down, but physical therapy through Josh Vance, is teaching the legs to walk correctly, pushing me to exercise as a daily routine, and I see in the future the capability to walking through our hills, camera in hand, back to capturing the beauty of where we live. I cannot wait!!!


 "All Eyes" Coronado Clay, Glaze, Ceramic Buttons $50
 "Woven in Blue" Coronado Clay, Glaze, Buttons $50
 "Brother Dot" Coronado Clay, Glaze, Beads $50
 "Sister Dot" Coronado Clay, Glaze, Beads $50
"Wise One" Coronado Clay, Glaze, Beads $50