Sunday, March 18, 2012

Three Rivers Studio Tour Ten

What an adventure Spring is in Three Rivers. Here were are feverishly getting ready for the Studio Tour Ten that begins next Friday, March 23rd, and we awaken to a snow covered land!

Facing North from our home.
Notice the green circle under the Oaks protected from the snow. There are fiddlenecks growing under those trees, as there has been for a month all over my property. Spring was here, and flowers all over Three Rivers were popping up, blanketing the hillsides more each day. We were hoping for the beautiful colors to attract more people to the Tour. Well, I'd rather have this stormy, snowing, raining time happen this weekend, than next!
Facing East from my back Porch.
Facing South from my back Porch.
For a while now I have been bragging to everyone that the flowers are filling in the hillsides, carpeting the land with yellows, purple, orange, white, pink, and more, the weather as perfect as it gets around here, sunny, clear and in the 70's. The art below are samples of what I have been working on, inspired by the unfolding of Spring. It all makes me laugh. Today it is cold and wet and white. Nice to have the art to remind me that the warm days are just ahead! I cannot wait to host people here on Spirit Hill.

 Spring Flowers 8X10 $50
 Mating Time 13x16 $50

 Lizard: Metal artist unknown, painted by S. Keller $65
 Ant: Recycled metal signs by unknown artist in Mexico, painted by S. Keller $65